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Sam Galloway can help property investors maximize their profits. Investors may not be aware of certain local factors that affect properties. Sam’s knowledge as an active professional can greatly help investors purchase what is suitable based on budget and choice. Investors should always consult professionals such as accountants (for income gains), real estate lawyers (legal advice), mortgage brokers (for home qualifications) and of course their REALTOR® for current market trends. Depending on the type of property investment, Sam can help you determine the right options.

Pre-construction Developments

Many investors participate in this type of buying because of payment options and long term profits. There are multiple projects available but crucial factors play a part in making the right choice for an investment. Sam Galloway can help you determine which pre-construction development is most beneficial.

Buy, Renovate and Flip

This type of investment has been trending but now it is becoming more and more common. Generally you are purchasing a property under market value based on the property’s conditions. After renovations the property’s value increases which helps the investor profit after they flip it. Investors don’t always know certain stigmas or flaws that can directly affect profits when selling the property after renovations. Sam Galloway helps you minimize this risk.

Income Properties

Purchasing the property for the aim of rental. At times the investor is the owner who also occupies the property and only rents out the basement apartment for additional income.


Multi Residence is a type of income property investment and can be used for a variety of reasons. For example many investors buy multi- residence properties that are located by colleges and universities and rent to students’ year around. This type of investment can be smart, however certain calculations and evaluations must be taken to make this profitable.

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