Why List & Sell with Sam

Strategy, Marketing, Tactical Plan, Listing & Negotiation

Sam Galloway excels as a real estate professional by executing his developed marketing plans. Sam has managed to build a strong network with different marketing teams that help him advertise your property. Before contacting any of these networks, Sam utilizes his experience to make sure he selects the most beneficial marketing services. Having experience with building his own brand and sustaining his own image has helped him understand the importance of the public’s view.

There are multiple methods in which Sam chooses to market your property. As a sales professional, Sam understands that his listings reflect his own personal brand. Sam’s work ethic makes him very trustworthy because you know from the start he is doing his best to represent his clients and himself.

Toronto Property Listing Tips & Guidance

Throughout my career I have been following specific procedures and rules that I believe all sellers can benefit from. Depending on your situation some of the following below can vary, however it is a great system to follow when you’re listing your property.

1. Market Comparable

Many sales reps might believe this step is quite easy to do. Market comparable is a key factor to a successful listing. Two properties with general information (square footage, number of bathrooms…) that seem to match may be anything but comparable depending on renovations that may have greatly increased the homes worth.

2. Property Highlights

Every property regardless of age, type of unit (detach, semi-detach…) or history has a significant value with a story. Make sure as property owners you can make this information very transparent.

3. Marketing Initiatives

Knowing the value of your property and strong selling point helps you make the right marketing plan. If you own an acre of land, I would do an overview video of the property to clearly illustrate the beautiful land your home has.

4. Chattels & Fixtures

Before listing your property, determine what personal movable items you will be including (refrigerator, stove, etc..) and what fixtures attached to the property you will be including in the listing (chandeliers, curtains and etc..). This way buyer’s sales representatives can have an easier time knowing what is included in your listing.

5. Plan Your Next Move

Think of your next move because many times sellers have a difficulty because their preferred property they want to buy may not be available.


Toronto Based Local Newspaper publications, Home Magazines Chinese publications, Indian publications, Arabic publications…

Digital Marketing & Adverting 

Social media, sponsored ads, online classified ads, online real estate groups and global property websites.

Video, Virtual Tour & Photography

Besides advertisement, Sam Galloway follows his own personal marketing methods which are shared with his clients.

What Our Clients Say

  • "Don’t even want a gift card, Sam Galloway is absolutely unreal. I’ve done 2 purchases with him and he’s gone above and beyond both times. Being someone who has zero knowledge on home buying and the finance stuff around it (even still), I have full trust in his home buying and he has helped me find places I love at incredible prices...."
  • ""I’ve been getting your postcards in the past, so when the time came for us to sell and buy a house, I convinced my husband to try your home selling system. You are big in the area and I see your for Sale signs everywhere. My first surprise came when you showed up in person. I honestly thought that you would delegate our house to someone else on your team while you focused on more bigger houses Once again, I am glad to have been wrong...."
  • "Buying and selling a house is a big decision and largest investment of your life. Sam allowed us to do both with extremely good. He exceeded our expectation from a real estate professional. We highly recommend Sam’s services."
  • "I recently sold my house with Sam and while this can be a very stressful process, I felt 120% confident by partnering with Sam. He was candid, provided great feedback, & explain clearly all details. He managed the actual sale negotiation brilliantly. In addition, he was extremely responsive at all times. As I move forward to now with buying my next house, I am certain Sam will be the right partner to help me with this process."
  • "We highly recommend Sam! He helped us find and navigate the purchase of our first home. We made our offer while he was out of the country, on vacation, and he still made sure to keep in contact with us and keep us in the loop."
  • "A true professional. If you want someone who will negotiate the best deal for you I strongly recommend you speak with Sam. His experience and negotiating skills are second to none. If you want a great real estate transaction you have to work with a serious real estate agent."
  • "I have had the pleasure to work with Sam to purchase my first condo in Toronto downtown. Sam has extensive knowledge about Toronto real estate market, which has helped me, an outsider who would otherwise have struggled through the entire purchasing process."
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